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In 1985 the Crematorium and Memorial Gardens was established in response to the Cairns and Surrounding communities need to have a local, purpose built facility to accommodate local needs.
~They Listened~

Now with over 3 decades of experience and service as Cairns Crematorium and establishing the wonderfully tranquil grounds of the memorial gardens that we see today, the Cairns Crematorium has embarked on a new journey. To provide families what they had been asking for, to provide all-inclusive funeral care.
So in 2011, the Cairns Crematorium acquired Far Northern Funerals and now conducts in-house funeral service, repatriations, burials, cremations. Complete funeral care.
~We Listened~

With the overwhelmingly positive response to our newly provided services, The Cairns Crematorium plans for the future are exciting. Renovations and upgrades of current facilities are high on our agenda over the next 3-5 years, this is what you said you wanted. Improvements have already started with the installation of a new, state of the art mortuary facility to ensure that we are providing nothing but the best, up-to-date care for your loved one.

~We are Listening~

The Crematorium Funeral Home is moving forward. This starts with the introduction of a new local team of Funeral Directors and support staff who are dedicated to this industry. Let's be honest, to do funeral service each and every day requires a special type of person with an listening ear, an empathetic manner and a soul.


The Cairns Crematorium, Funeral Home and Memorial Gardens is proudly and purely
Australian owned…
Queensland owned….
Cairns owned.
Our kids go to school together, we shop at the local supermarket, see you at the local parish, local club or sporting event. We are local people providing a very special service at a time when you need us


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